Documents, Brochures and Forms


The team at Your Other Family Doctor is proud to share some of its forms, necessary documents and brochures regarding their services online.  The brochures are from our sister hospital in Hoisington, Kansas.  Please click on the links below to access some important documents from our organization:



New Patient Form

Boarding Form

Canine Pre-Anesthetic Form

Feline Pre-Anesthetic Form

Euthanasia Form


Brochures (These Feature the Name of Our Sister Hospital but the Information is the Same)

Cat Wellness Plan Brochure

Dog Wellness Plan Brochure

Senior Wellness Plan Brochure

Cremation Services Brochure



If you would like additional information that you could not find in this portion of our website, please contact our staff at (785)531-1372 or via email at


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