Pet Wellness


A pet wellness plan is designed to allow pet owners to budget for their pet’s recommended preventive care with low monthly payments.  Each wellness plan is designed to provide for essential care including head-to-tail exams, vaccines, early screening diagnostics, consultations regarding proper nutrition, dental care and more.  While wellness plans will not cover unpredictable or abnormal conditions, they are designed to extend the life of your pets.


Not only do our plans provide pet parents the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are giving your pet what they need, you also save money.  Clients that purchase pet wellness plans save money on the routine services they would likely provide for their pet throughout the year. Enrolling in a pet wellness plan also provides opportunities to save money on other veterinary services offered by Your Other Family Doctor.


While pet insurance offers coverage for many unforeseen circumstances, our preventive care approach allows us to see, treat and prevent many problems ahead of time. Our wellness plans are pet health plans you will actually use. With a wellness plan from Your Other Family Doctor, we partner with you to combine physical exams, vaccinations, disease screenings and other pet health necessities into one affordable veterinary care package for your dog, puppy, kitten or cat.


Beyond preventive care basics, each plan offers regular office visits and other services to monitor, maintain and improve your pet’s health.  For more information on our pet wellness programs, please download our sister hospital's brochure for cats or dogs.  The name on the brochure is different but the deals and details are the same.  You can also contact our staff by calling (785)531-1372 or by emailing us at



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